Emergency! – Save the village Healtcare Center!

In the Village of Bassossa with (ca. 12.000 Inhabitants) Healthcare provision is one of the greatest problems. The people must either come to terms without Doctors or try to reach expensive public Hospitals which lie miles away in big cities far away from the Village. In order to resolve these problems, 12 years ago the inhabitants of this village single handedly erected a Healthcare centre. Beside the typical african diseases like Malaria, Hepatetis B, Yellow fever, Cholera and Genetal infectious diseases, other disease like Measles, Intestinal-infections, Respiratory disorders and Parasitisis like Injuries are also being treated . Mothers also have the opportunity to give birth to their children here. Preventive measures like for example immunization of babies can be carried out on a regular basis. However a couple of years ago, the situation in the Healthcare centre has being constantly deteriorating. The population of the village rely only on agriculture. Because of the climatic changes the harvest are becoming even poorer through that the income of the poeple is constantly regressive. Expenses for healthcare have also increased so in essence it has become impossible for the poeple to finance their healthcare centre.

The single building is in a very deteriorating condition.

  • Walls and Roofs need renovation.
  • The beds and Mattresses are old and damaged.
  • The preservative medication equipments are outdated and damaged.
  • The only well that supplies the centre with water is dried up due to climatic change and drought.
  • The equipments of the delivery room(childbirth) is no more usable.
  • The general Hygene of the healthcare centre due to the lack of water is constantly deteriorating.
  • There is Lack of Electricity. There is frequent blackout and the only available Diesel- emergency generator is either always faulty or lack of fuel. And the consequences is that the healthcare centre is mostly dark at night.

The Health authorities are threatening to close down this Healthcare centre which has been the life sustainance for the 12.000 inhabitants due to the lack of the basic necessities.

Due to these facts, the chieftain of Bassossa, Tchnide Fidel in 2008 beckoned the NEGROPOLIS Foundation for assistance. After the visit of some members of the Foundation to Healthcare centre, measures which could contribute to the rescue of this Healthcare centre have been organized in close cooperation with local stakeholders.


Current stand of the Work

The electricity problem has been solved through the installation of a decentralized energy supply system based on 200 watt solar cells. So the Centre would be supplied with renewable energy in the next 15 to 20 years without bills.

The planning for the complete renovation has been made. The project estimated renovation cost is 60.000 Euro. This cost includes only Material cost like Cement, Doors, Iron rods/Metals, Windows, Beds, Matresses etc.

No salaries will be paid. The local helpers and skilled workers from Germany are ready to implement the project free of cost.


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Installation of solarpanels

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