Mission and Profile

The NEGROPOLIS Foundation promotes close co-operation between the local population and young scholars and researchers in sub-Saharan Africa. The foundation seeks to encourage African citizens to assume more responsibility for actively shaping their environment with the help of young native scholars and researchers. The Foundation will bring together stakeholders to co-operate and develop concrete solutions for important problems and local needs.


Another issue focus on South-North "Brain-drain"-phenomenon related to the local educational system. Consequently, the sub-Saharan African countries have been losing for many years a lot of well-trained young people because of lack of appropriate jobs and prospects in their countries.


The NEGROPOLIS foundation is convinced that this problem can be diminish if the Western-oriented education that local scholars receive is complemented with a praxis-oriented training that focuses on local realities, and effective measures with integration of academics are undertaken.


To achieve this goal, the NEGROPOLIS Foundation supports young African scholars and researchers by the development of planning and management concepts as well as and innovative strategies trough pilot studies, graduation theses and doctoral dissertations. In so doing, the Foundation will also help young graduate and postdoctoral students realise pilot projects.


The results of these pilot studies and projects will contribute to sustainable development geared toward the needs of the population. The themes focus on: creation of living space, clean water supplies and drainage systems, environment, health, nutrition, mobility and energy.


With its contribution, the NEGROPOLIS Foundation wants to offer to young African scholars and researchers the opportunities to become familiar with the problems in their countries. They have also the opportunity to gain practical, interdisciplinary experiences that enable them to contribute efficiently to their country's development after completing their academic training. Tackling the huge "brain drain" problem, the foundation work aims to keep young scholars in their home countries contributing to the development of those countries.


The NEGROPOLIS Foundation also supports measures which promote international understanding, development aid and health care, especially education and prevention with regard to HIV /AIDS and other tropical illnesses. An area of particular concern is improving integration, education and culture for women and young people, especially in rural areas and villages.


The work of the NEGROPOLIS Foundation is based on such human values as humanitarianism, personal freedom, tolerance and solidarity. It focuses especially on cultural, economic and social concerns as well as aspects of equal rights, participation and education.


The Foundation is non-profit, and its statutes require it to pursue exclusively and directly public-utility goals. The mission of the Foundation is to promote:

  • science and research,
  • education,
  • international understanding,
  • development aid, and
  • health care.

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