The goals of the Foundation are to be realised through:


  • Combining support for young scholars with development aid:
  • This is to be accomplished by conducting pilot studies in co-operation with local colleges and universities and other educational institutions and organisations. The intention is to enable the development of exemplary integrated planning and management concepts and innovative strategies for sustainable, viable development oriented toward the needs of the people affected. For this purpose, the Foundation provides grants for the cost of materials for university-degree and doctoral projects related to local development. Within the same context, it offers young researchers who aspire to a research career immediately after receiving their degree in their field the opportunity to form interdisciplinary teams to gain experience by conducting concrete research studies jointly and independently. To this end, the Foundation provides grants for the cost of materials for conducting pilot studies and projects. Future plans include an idea competition, with awards and tandem programmes.

  • Supporting networks of universities and institutes of higher education within Africa and strengthening co-operation between sub-Saharan Africa universities and institutes of higher education with organisations and comparable institutions outside this region. For this purpose the Foundation will conduct international research conferences and symposia, and support measures for intensifying the exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as exchange programmes for students and researchers.
  • Supporting and strengthening educational and cultural institutions and projects, especially for women and young people and especially in rural regions and villages. This is accomplished by financing such things as teaching materials, schools and events.
  • Conducting and supporting measures focusing on education and prevention regarding HIV/AIDS and other diseases in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Conducting and supporting measures that call stronger international attention to the significance of science and research, education and health in and for sub-Saharan Africa.













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