The Founding Donor

"... The situation in sub-Saharan Africa is serious! Very serious! But not hopeless! We need to become engaged in the training and promotion of young sub-Saharan scholars and researchers in order to enable them to create a strong basis for a better life for future generations in this forgotten world region ..."


Dr. Emmanuel MOUAFO


The Founder of the NEGROPOLIS Foundation, Dr. Emmanuel MOUAFO was born 1970 in a country family in the West of Cameroon.

After studying civil engineering (Genie-Civil F4) in Cameroon in 1990, he studied Architecture und Urban Planning in France and Germany. He graduated in 2000 as (Dipl.-Ing.) Engineer of Architecture/ Urban Planning at the Faculty VII "Architecture Environment Society" at the Berlin University of Technology, where he achieved his PhD thesis (Dr.-Ing.) in 2004.


As a passionate and philanthropic architect and urban planner, Dr. Mouafo's main research fields focus on sustainable urban and environmental development issues in developing countries, using the UN's Agenda 21 and the unhabitat as guideline. His particular focus is the problems related to the rapid urbanisation occurring in sub-Saharan Africa, and their impact on human being and environment.


Guided by the question: "What kind of concept can promote and facilitate a sustainable and future-oriented development in sub-Saharan Africa?" he conducted and published according research dealing with good urban governance, sustainability-oriented planning and management tools for Cameroon and for the Sub-Saharan Africa region.


These publications provide the inspiration for the creation of the NEGROPOLIS Foundation













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